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GData Security Solutions


Rational Team is a distributor for German Data security products. With security products made in Germany we provide you with a great collection of solutions to protect your personal data, as well as your business data. GData personal data protection can be assured using one of the following solutions: GData Antivirus, GData Internet Security, GData Total Protection. We also take care of your enterprise data by providing GData Enterprise Antivirus, GData Endpoint protection, GData Endpoint Security. (For more information of possible solutions please visit the links below.)

GData has made it possible for customers to test their products before placing orders. You can download directly from the website mentioned below, or contact us at RationalTeam for arrangement of a trial version for your business.

One of GData Personal Security products is GData Mobile Security2 (for Android phone and tablets). You are invited to download GData Mobile Security from here. you can test it for a limited time for free, or contact RationlTeam to obtain a license key for full protection.


GData Mobile Security

Keep viruses, spyware and malware at bay. With G DATA Mobile Internet Security you get yourself a complete security solution for your smartphone or tablet. Protect your mobile device like your desktop computer - and defend yourself against malware and dangerous websites.

GData Antivirus

How security should be: G DATA Antivirus reliably protects your PC against viruses - and your personal data during online banking transactions and shopping trips. So you no longer have to worry about the most common threats. New in this version of Antivirus is comprehensive exploit protection. This also safeguards your PC against malware that targets and exploits security vulnerabilities in your installed software.

GData Internet Security

G DATA Internet Security offers the best protection against viruses, keyloggers and Trojans, plus a powerful firewall. You get the best protection against every danger on the Internet, such as phishing, spam and spyware. Whether you want to send emails, use online banking services or just surf. This version includes comprehensive exploit protection. In addition to virus protection, this also safeguards your PC against malware that targets and exploits security vulnerabilities in your installed software.