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Web Application Development

At RationalTeam we develop web applications for customers according to their requirements and needs, using modern techniques to ensure business owners to take advantage of the rich features of the web technology. If you want to develop an application to run on the World Wide Web, we offer you the right solutions at affordable rates commensurate with the workload. We offer web hosting service across different packages as an extra service to insure perfect performance of the application and to provide the apropriate platform to run it. Various platforms are granted such as JavaEE hosting,PHP, Java Script,JQuery and many other popular platforms. Databases are available in all hosting offered by the company includes a number of options and services, for example, the database server MySQL Server is supported in all our hosting services,Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL.
  The company also offers a number of web applications as business solutions for customers including Human Resources Management System, Purchase Management System and ther rest of the ERP is coming soon. These systems operate under the Java environment using any of the known Java application servers such as TomCat server, GlassFish, JBoss or others. The company also offers  Microsoft Dot Net applications (ASP.Net)  development and hosting.


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