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Software Development

One of our main services is to develop software solutions for our customers upon their demand, basing our methodology upon profound scientific models through out the development process. We focus our efforts in understanding customer needs, we then create the document of specification that will guide the production process. Analysis is then takes place to prepare the pre design phase of production, this phase is performed by our expert team who can transform the needs and requirements of customer into  programmable modules. Development team takes over from that point and start production of the software required, guided by the design of the chief architect who prepares a well formed design guidelines and details using the artifact design tools of today. During production customer is periodically informed and involved in the development process according to Agile Software Development methodology that we chose as our favorite.

Development tools

Rational team equips the development team with latest technology hardware for the goals seek of proper utilization and maximization of productivity and efficiency.

Programming languages are used according to the solution being developed and dependent on its nature, for example these tools are regularly used.

1-          C++ programming language.

2-        Microsoft C# dot net.

3-        Java standard edition.

4-        Java enterprise edition.

5-        Ruby.

6-        Microsoft visual basic dot net.

7-        Java scripts.

Tools used for development

1-          Microsoft Visual studio dot net.

2-        NetBeans (Java, Ruby and JavaScript).

3-        Adobe Dream Weaver.

4-        Eclipse (Galileo edition)

Development concepts

Rational team for technology is using Agile Software development concepts. This is known for efficiency and quick delivery of software. Another issue is that this concept makes it easier to response to changes of specification that might occur at the development phase. Adding that the iterative nature of Agile development will allow clients to utilise the finished parts of the software and use it while the rest is being worked on and this emphasises a good opportunity for clients to test and interact with the solution before it is completely delivered and allows them to modify and enhance the components they need.