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Quality Assurance


Delivering quality services and products is our main objective at RationalTeam. We utilizes quality measurements through out all our activities, this ensures proper utilization of lessons-learned, we are using our own developed software in integration with third-party software tools which are used as an efficient reporting mechanism for RationalTeam strategic planning.


Our software development process is based on Agile software development methodologies, which embrace iterative development, Domain Driven Design (DDD) and Test Driven Design (TDD) as the core of development principles. Testing takes place at each level of the development process and this extensive test framework assures quality and correctness. This methodology also insures the involvement of clients throughout the development phases of the software and they are part of the development team; this will guarantee a great amount of quality to the delivered solution. RationalTeam after sales service is crafted to keep close support of clients through (phone, remote desktop connection via internet, and personal visit by company support staff). This is to assure the effectiveness of services/products ordered.