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RationalTeam SecuDoc©

A software solution designed for the purpose of management of identity cards printing and security, SecuDoc offers a great deal of functionality in terms of creation of elegant designs and card layouts.

Gives the possibility to create your own cards templates in the templates designer and uses these templates to generate ID cards.

Makes it easier to generate batch cards based on databases of employees or members and provides the ability to audit all operations and collects log entries for each card designed and printed along with the user who carried out the operation to eliminate tampering with your data.

Provides the required mechanisms for securing ID cards in many ways including but not limited to inherent ID cards security features, 1D/2D barcode identification, magnetic stripes and more.

Product features

Easy to use: All software features are easily accessible through the use of a mouse pointer and a few keyboard entries, the software was also designed with levels of user experience in mind.

Flexible: Users can choose from ready made templates, or design their own templates. Users can also define cards data fields that can take predefined multiple values. SecuDoc supports directly connecting to a wide array of video cameras for instant capturing of images with a button press.

Scalable: SecuDoc can operate in single user/multi user modes sharing a network, it can be further extended to provide powerful web based reports that can be accessed from mobile phones, or internet browsers.

SecuDoc template designer

SecuDoc enables you to create different types of data that is needed in the ID card, this data can be static fields which contain static information such as your organization name, and information regarding the card, you can also create dynamic fields which contain dynamic information obtained from databases such as IDs, photos and holders details.

you use the layout designer to visually design any number of templates, and later use these templates to generate ID cards, for example you can design different templates for your organization workforce categories such as managers, employees and workers and later use these templates to generate the ID cards for each category.

SecuDoc possible usage scenarios

The following are quick possible scenarios of SecuDoc usage:

SecuDoc in national identity: Use SecuDoc as nationwide identification system, the rich security features within SecuDoc makes it a strong candidate in management of secure ID cards.

SecuDoc in organizations identity: Use SecuDoc to generate ID card for your organization members, you can create more than one template for your workforce categories. You can further apply SecuDoc-Attendance module that will enable you to monitor your human resource attendance statistics.

SecuDoc in clubs and memberships: Use SecuDoc to give your members a unique identity that can be further extended to provide EServices and Card based services.

SecuDoc security features

Having an ID printing solution necessitates great security concerns. SecuDoc is not limited to the design of cards on your internal organization, it can be used in national/international context, where governmental directorates and authorities can use SecuDoc to generate ID cards for citizens as well. That's why we offer you maximum security features, through provision of secure ID papers supplied from our partners worldwide, along with software based security features that will guarantee proper usage of SecuDoc functionality.

SecuDoc is protected with a dongle (a software protection hardware) that will be delivered to further extend the control of ID card issuance and ensure authentication and authorization of the ID printing processes.

Add on services on request

SecuDoc can be configured to send SMS (Short Messaging Services) notifications to all registered personnel in your organization (i.e. notification of a recently printed card, ID card person name and card issuer). This is an added functionality that can be delivered upon request.